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Knowsley Early Years Service work closely with the Universal Child Health Service and other Midwifery and ‘Healthy Knowsley’ partners. Some of the ways we work together include:

  • Staff and volunteers promote Knowsley Early Years Service in your local baby club.
  • We carry out visits to families who have not had their 12 month assessment with a Health Visitor.
  • The Healthy Knowsley Team visit all of our Baby Massage sessions to ensure families have update information on health and wellbeing.
  • We signpost and refer to a number of services to ensure families have the support they need, including Knowsley’s Stop Smoking Service, infant feeding support, Midwifery and the Building Attachments and Bonds Service (BABS).
  • We sit on a number of Public Health strategy groups to help inform the work happening in Knowsley to support families, on topics including oral health, sexual health, breastfeeding and obesity.
  • We have a number of infant feeding workshops and breastfeeding support groups throughout our centres – check out the timetable for more dates or take a look at the Breastfeeding Support Teams website
  • For more information on NHS Children and Young People’s Services take a look at the Knowsley Family Information Service website NHS Children and Young People’s Services
  • Further health information can be found on Knowsley Family Information Service website here Health, Wellbeing and Care

Speech & Language Support

Sleep Support

What’s On / Timetable

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